Outsource with Transfer Option: Empower Your Projects and Teams with Geeksfarm

Allowing organizations to outsource their projects while maintaining the opportunity to transfer the team to their organization once the project is completed.
Why Choose Outsource with Transfer Option?

Why Hire a Geeksfarm Outsource with Transfer Option?

Speed and Scalability.

Hire a Outsource with Transfer Option allows you to accelerate project implementation by immediately accessing a trained and ready-to-work team. Additionally, as the project grows, you can easily adjust the team size to achieve the required scalability.

Experience and Best Practices.

Outsourcing service providers typically have extensive experience in handling similar projects across different industries. By choosing them, you can adopt best practices and leverage their learnings to achieve better outcomes in your project.

Seamless Collaboration.

The transfer process enables the outsourcing team to seamlessly integrate into your internal team. They can work harmoniously with internal team members, share knowledge, and collaborate to achieve project goals.

Focus on Core Business.

By outsourcing projects to service providers, you can free up internal resources and focus on your core business activities. This allows you to enhance operational efficiency and drive innovation within your organization.

Benefit Hire a Geeksfarm Outsource with Transfer Option

Specialized talent for your project needs.

Leverage specialized talent for your project needs. Gain a competitive edge with our skilled professionals.

Flexibility & Scalability

Optimal resource allocation and project scalability with our flexible solutions.

Cost savings compared to in-house teams.

Save costs by outsourcing. Avoid the expenses of maintaining an in-house team while still achieving high-quality results.

Knowledge transfer and team integration post-project.

Outsourcing providers bring diverse industry experience to handle similar projects, enabling you to adopt best practices and achieve better project outcomes.

How It’s Work


The client and service provider establish an outsourcing agreement that defines the project's scope, requirements, and deliverables.

Team Selection

The service provider forms a skilled team based on the project's needs, including roles like project managers, developers, and designers.

Project Execution

The team works on the project, following the agreed timeline. The client maintains communication to track progress and provide feedback.

Transfer Option
The client assesses the team's performance and fit with their culture throughout the project.
Evaluation and Decision

After project completion, the client evaluates the team and decides whether to transfer them.

Transfer Process

If transferring, the necessary arrangements are made to integrate the team seamlessly, involving legal, HR, and administrative steps.

Team Integration

The transferred team joins the client's workforce, contributing their expertise to new projects and collaborating with existing teams for organizational growth.

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Frequently Asked Question

Outsource with Transfer Option is a service that allows organizations to outsource their projects to a service provider while maintaining the option to transfer the outsourced team to their organization once the project is completed.

Yes, in a Custom Bootcamp and Hire program, you typically have the opportunity to choose the team members for your project. The program is designed to provide you with the flexibility to select candidates who best fit your project requirements and align with your team’s dynamics.

Our Custom Bootcamp and Hire program ensures a smooth team integration process. We facilitate the seamless transition of selected candidates into your project team through orientation, onboarding, mentorship, and regular feedback. Enhance collaboration and achieve project success with our streamlined team integration process.

If team transfer is not desired, we provide alternative placements or job placement assistance within your organization. Candidates’ progress is valued for future opportunities. Our program is flexible, ensuring a positive outcome for all.

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