GeeksFarm Tech Startup program is specifically designed to form creative and innovative in the technology sector in the future. Students will learn to develop core skills from idea generation and opportunity discovery, resource acquisition and entrepreneurial management, assessing financial viability, and building business models.


Startup Tech


GeeksFarm Tech Startup School Program is a program of learning and developing knowledge related to life cycle business, starting from identifying opportunities, seeking creative ideas, business planning, starting a business, to developing innovative businesses. The Tech Startup School program focuses on learning startups in the field of technology, where technology is currently very important and major.

Program Objectives

Tech Startup will focus on business development cycles that do not exist or already exist but are still in the idea stage.

GeeksFarm will equipping students with knowledge, skills and research in the field of entrepreneurship that is integrated with information and communication technology.

This also covers to develop entrepreneurial science and practice in Indonesia based on local wisdom by producing quality, creative, innovative graduates who are able to run new businesses and face global competition.

Career Prospects

  • Creative Tech-preneur
  • Business Developer
  • Intropreneur
  • Tech Business Planner
  • Small Business Consultant
  • Cyberpreneur
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Technopreneur

Tech Startup graduate profiles can fill entrepreneurial activities as startup entrepreneurs, business designers, business consultants, business developers, investors, social entrepreneurs, franchisees, credit analysts, business assistants, and entrepreneurial policymakers.


To be a a creative and innovative study program that is recognized nationally and globally


  1. Organizing teaching, learning, and research that emphasizes excellence in the discovery of knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  2. Producing entrepreneurs who are creative and innovative, have a strong soul, have integrity, can work in teams, and can compete globally.
  3. Improving the quality of life of the Indonesian people through community service programs and professional services based on the application of entrepreneurship science in the industrial sector and creative endeavors.
GeeksFarm Startup School
GeeksFarm Startup School
GeeksFarm Startup School
GeeksFarm Startup School
GeeksFarm Startup School
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