Techpolitan BSD City located in Tangerang city’s heart easily accessible via public transport, on foot, or by bicycle if you like to push pedals and get your daily dose of exercise. But for you who bring your own vehicle, worry not, Techpolitan provide a parking lot to park your vehicle.

Coworking space with super fast Wi-Fi and internet connection into, employee’s personal lockers, and meeting rooms with state-of-the-art communication facilities for a client meeting or a brainstorming session with team members.
If you need a break while working, there is a pantry area where you can make some coffee or tea.

Techpolitan dedicated center fees are flexible to suit your company budget.

Techpolitan BSD City Photo Overview

Our Facilities:
▪Your own dedicated and secure office
▪Located in BSD City
▪You can mix between your employees and outsourced employees within that office
▪High-speed internet connection & Wi-Fi
▪Tables & chairs
▪Air Conditioner
▪Parking lot
▪Meeting Room with state-of-the-art communication facilities
▪Pantry & Free Flow Drinks

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