Learn how to:
Managing technology company

Learn how to: Building a great product for users

Learn how to: Digital marketing your product or services

Learn how to: Spinoff and valuation potential

Fransisca Lili as Lead Coach

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Training Centers

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Bandung Training Center

Training Center

Bandung Training Center located in one of famous main street in Bandung, Surya Sumantri.... Read More → Bandung Training Center

BSD City Training Center

Training Center

Techpolitan BSD City located in Tangerang city’s heart easily accessible via public transport, on foot, or by bicycle if you like to push... Read More → BSD City Training Center

Our Startup School Curriculum

7x meetup once a week 1x demo day 2 months after last meetup

Day 1 – Overview

Understand the threat posed by tech entrants, and the vast opportunites for both cashflow and capital gain for your digital arm.


Day 2 – Business Model

Able to develop standard tech-company business model as the foundation of product building and later on, pitching to investor.


Day 3 – UI / UX

Understand what constitutes a good product in terms of user interface / user experience, a key success factor for usable mobile and web apps.


Day 4 – Technology Overview

Being knowledgeable of the basics of technology jargon, what to expect before, during, and after the initial development

 Day 5 – Project Management
Being able to intelligently and confidently manage the quality, timeline, and communication of in-house programmers or third-party software house vendors.
Day 6 – Digital Marketing
Understand the key factors for successful digital marketing campaign, including the team, the budget necessary, and the basic terminologies.
Day 7 – Fundraising
Understand how many tech startup founders strike it rich, and why you also can / cannot expect exit or capital gain from this digital arm of yours
Day 8 – Demo Day
You should have your product and startup ready, and you pitch it to qualified mentors, as if you are pitching to a third-party investors.
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